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Whether you are investigating the claims of Christianity or you already have a strong and vital relationship with Jesus Christ, Faith Family is a place you can call home. We welcome a casual atmosphere where people are at home in a T-shirt and jeans or wearing their "Sunday go to meeting" best.

We believe that Jesus Christ has provided a way for people to live with peace and hope, even in a world where there seems to be neither . . . We would love to help you experience the hope that only He can give.

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Pastor's Blog

Philippians 4

For the past several days there has been a couple verses from Paul's letter to the church at Philippi going through my mind. I believe what he spoke to those folks is so applicable to you and me in the circumstances we find ourselves today.

The media sources are filled with rhetoric regarding the COVID19 pandemic, some of it good some of it not so much. Then there is the ongoing turmoil of the protests taking place nationwide in regards to racism. There is so much in the news these days that seems to propagate fear, chaos, and polarization. So, how do I maintain my joy and peace in the midst of such chaos and uncertainty?

The apostle Paul writing from the city of Rome, where he was incarcerated by the Roman government awaiting his day to appear before Caesar, wrote the following words to his friends in Philippi. Philippians 4:8-9 (NIV)

8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me--put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

God has created us with the capacity to choose which thoughts that pass through our mind that we want to dwell on and put into action.

I can remember my grandmother telling me that you can't stop the birds from flying overhead but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.

There is a great deal going on in our world that is not good. There is a great deal going in our world that is the work of Satan and his legion of demons. However, God is still God. God is still on the throne of heaven. There is no one or nothing that is going to take him down.

What John tells us in his epistle is still true;

"Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world."

So I want to encourage you this morning to heed the words of Paul and think about the goodness of God: think about the greatness of God; think about the love of God; think about the faithfulness of God; think about the hope we have in Jesus . . .

in the words of Chris Tomlin ...

"how great is our God! Sing with me, how great is our God, and all will see how great, how great is our God!

Jesus loves you! and so do I !

Pastor Bob

Pastor's Blog

To our dear church family, grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord! In the midst of the chaos of the world around us we find great assurance in that our God is still in control and his love for us never ceases.

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Pastor's Blog

We are certain.

This morning in my devotional time I was inspired by the words of a video that comes to me via one of the programs I use for study.

I am not able to include the video here, but I will share the text of the video to remind you that today there are some very important things that we can be absolutely sure of in spite of the circumstances.

In uncertain times there can be fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. But God has not given a spirit of fear, but of love and power and a sound mind.

Together we look to Jesus in this storm and as we do we will experience the peace that passes understanding.

For God is great, glorious, good and gracious. Today without hesitation we stand in God’s sovereignty for there we find peace and strength in uncertain times.

Blessings to you and yours

Love In Christ

Pastor Bob

Pastor's Blog

Psalm 46:1-3 (NIV) 

1. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. 2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, 3 though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. Selah

Once again today in my devotional time I turned to this 46th Psalm. Then I went to my digital library and pulled up a sermon preached on the date of my birthday, February 27th, but in the year of 1887. It is a message that was delivered in the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Newington, England by C.H. Spurgeon.

The first point in his sermon, that was titled Earthquake, but not Heartquake, was Let us consider carefully the Confidence of the Saints. I would like for you to read what he said that day in light of where we are in our world today.

Spurgeon preached:

God’s people have a sure confidence. Other men build as best they may, but true believers rest upon the Rock of ages. Their confidence is altogether beyond themselves. In this song there is nothing about their own virtue, valour, or wisdom. The heathen moralist boasted that if the globe itself should break, his integrity would make him stand fearless amid the wreck. But the believer has a humbler though a truer reliance. Though the earth be removed he is undismayed; and this does not arise from his own personal self-sufficiency, but from God, who is his refuge and strength. He is fearless, not because of his original stoutness of heart and natural firmness of will, but because he has a God to shelter and uphold him. If he does not fear calamity, it is because he fears God, and God alone.

Our psalm begins with God, and with God it ends:—“The God of Jacob is our refuge.” We may be as timid by nature as the coneys, but God is our refuge; we are as weak by nature as bruised reeds, but God is our strength. We never know what strength is till our own weakness drives us to trust omnipotence; never understand how safe our refuge is till all other refuges fail us. When the earth is removed, and the waters of the sea roar and are troubled being driven both from land and sea, we hide ourselves in God. You who are strong in yourselves imagine strength where only weakness can be found; you seek the living among the dead, and substantial confidences amid the “vanity of vanities.” If we look to ourselves for courage we shall fail in the hour of trial. When the earth is removed, the mightiest men are the first to shudder; the greatest boasters become the worst of cowards. For confidence and peace we must say unto the Lord, “All my fresh springs are in thee.”

Spurgeon, C. H. (1887). Earthquake, but Not Heartquake. In The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Sermons (Vol. 33, pp. 122–123). London: Passmore & Alabaster.

As I read those words this morning I was reminded of another one of the Psalms that we have sang a version over the years in our worship services.

In Psalm 73:26 Asaph wrote,

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

That is the song of my heart today, God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever!

Have a Blessed Day!

We love you

Pastor's Blog

Today my attention was turned to Psalm 46 in my Bible. After reading the chapter I began doing a little bit of research regarding it. It is believed to be a song that was written in the context of a time when it seemed everything that people depended on in the natural realm was being shaken and even taken away. I discovered that this Psalm has been called Martin Luther's Psalm. If you read this Psalm and then Luther's hymn, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, then you would understand why it has been called Martin Luther's Hymn! 

Luther said, 

"We sing this psalm to the praise of God, because God is with us and powerfully and miraculously preserves and defends his church and his word against all fanatical spirits, against the gates of hell, against the implacable hatred of the devil, and against all the assaults of the world, the flesh and sin."

The Psalm is attributed to the sons of Korah. It is believed by some that the song is the result of God's defense of Jerusalem in the days of King Jehoshaphat. You can read the story in 2 Chronicles 20. An allied army from three nations was about to march on Jerusalem with intent to destroy. Jehoshaphat called the city to prayer. Jehoshaphat prayed something along the lines of - God we have no might against this army, and we do not know what to do! But our eyes are on you! God spoke to them through a prophet who declared you will not need fight this battle. Stand firm, hold your position, see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf. (Go to your Bible and get the rest of the story!)

That brings me to the thought for today from Psalm 46. Psalm 46:10 (ESV)

10 "Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!"

Be still. That is in the imperative. It is a command. Be still and know that I am God. The first thing comes to mind when I read the words "be still" is learning at any early age in church that the wise young boy will sit still and be very quiet if he does not want to feel the pressure of dad's hand squeezing his leg just above the knee! Be still.

It was enlightening to learn that those words "be still" in the original language was more about relax, let your hands down, cease striving. We are a people who so want to be in control. We want to be able to push the right button or to at the very least be able to defend ourselves in our strength. But it seems like God delights in those times when life is beyond our control and we don't know what to do, for it is those times we must acknowledge our need of him!

The word for today – Be Still . . . relax . . . let me be God and do what I can do.

When I came across "cease striving" as a definition for "be still" I remembered a visit to a pediatrician with a grandchild and daughter. It was time for one of the required vaccinations for public school. The grandchild wanted no part of a needle being poked into their arm. Yes, there can be a moment of discomfort when the shot is administered, but I am willing to bet that shot was less painful than the pain that was administered by my grip on that child to hold them down so the doctor could do the deed.

Cease striving. These days are like nothing we have experienced in a long time. There is a whole lot of unknown regarding the virus, the economy and every other thing in our world that is affected. But we can choose to relax, because He is God and He will be exalted among the nations!

We love you all, and continue to pray God's blessing on you and yours!

Pastor's Blog

Joshua 1:19

The book of Joshua opens with the words, "After the death of Moses ... the Lord said to Joshua ... get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give you..." That was the beginning of a journey for Joshua and those following him to a place they had not been, and to experiences they had not had before.

In verses 6, 7 and 9 God commands Joshua to be strong and courageous. God told him do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. While those words were spoken to Joshua, the same promise is given to you and me when Jesus promised that he would be with us until the end of the age.

We are living in unprecedented times in which scientists are scrambling in effort to stop the pandemic from spreading. We are not able to gather in the fashion to which we are accustomed, somewhat isolated from each other. But we are not alone. Jesus is with us and working through these circumstances to develop something of great value in our faith and our character. So we give him thanks today for this day. We give him thanks for his mercies and compassion that never fail and, in fact are new every morning!

We are praying that you will be blessed today, and are looking forward to when we can meet again! Pastor Tony will be sharing another post (God Is Enough) sometime today on the website in place of our normal Wednesday night Bible study.

We love you all God Bless

Pastor Bob and Vickie

The Psalmist asks the question, "where does my help come from?"

Then he answers himself with words for you and me today...

My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.

I encourage you to open your Bible and turn to the Psalm and let it be the guide for your thoughts and meditations! God still reigns!

And as the old song goes,

"He's got you and me brother in His Hands, He's got you and me sister in His Hands... He's got the whole world in his hands!"

Keep praying! Keep the Faith.

FYI - because of the new orders that came from Olympia regarding social distancing and stay at home we had to make the difficult decision to close our Day Care/Pre-school for a minimum of 14 days. It is our hope to be able to open again on April 6th. This creates a hardship on numerous families in a number of ways, so again, let's pray for divine intervention in this situation.

If you have any needs at this time, please use the contact information to get in touch with someone on our staff.

While the offices are closed at this time, someone will be monitoring the voice mail on an ongoing basis.

We will also be checking our email. We love you all. You are in our prayers.

God Bless,

Pastor Bob

Dear Faith Family Family,

As you are well aware, we are walking through unprecedented circumstances as health officials try to determine the best way to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

We firmly believe the first step to solving the situation is prayer! God is still God. God is still on the throne of heaven. God is in control. As we read scripture and the story Israel in the Old Testament there were times that a plague was stopped as the people of God called on Him. We can all pray!

Our government officials have made some decisions and decrees regarding social distancing, and canceling any gatherings of 50 people or more. The president made a recommendation that groups be limited to 10 or less. We know that many folks have already made the decision to stay at home as much as possible. (We did not have 50 people in either of our worship services on Sunday.) At this moment we are in the process of putting together equipment that will enable us to live stream/record services and put them online. Since we are new at this we do not have all the details worked out yet. Our goal is to be able to update everyone who has a computer or smart phone via our website/facebook/ or app. We have recently updated our FFCC app so the we can push notifications to all those who choose to accept them when they get the app or upgrade the existing app. For those without internet, call the church office for information.

At the present time whatever we plan to do will have to be fluid as there is the possibility that the government will ask everyone to self quarantine at home for a period of time. As of today, we will plan to have our 8:15 service Sunday morning for those who want to be in a live service, or do not have internet capabilities. If we are up and able we will start streaming the service over the internet.

We will not have Sunday School classes, nor the 11:00 service. We will post a recording of the 8:15 service online at 11:00. Again, the gathering at 8:15 is subject to change according to whatever guidelines are handed down from Olympia. We will use our social media outlets to let you know how to view the service/recording. Tithes and offerings can be sent via pushpay on our website, the FFCC app, or through the good old US Postal Service.

Remember, we are the people of God. Because we are, we live and walk in faith and not fear. We know that in all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us! If we can serve you anyway during this time, please call the office and let us know!

Praying God’s Blessing for you

Pastor Bob

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