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Welcome to Faith Family Christian Center

A place where you can truly come as you are and be loved.

Whether you are investigating the claims of Christianity or you already have a strong and vital relationship with Jesus Christ, Faith Family is a place you can call home. We welcome a casual atmosphere where people are at home in a T-shirt and jeans or wearing their "Sunday go to meeting" best.

We believe that Jesus Christ has provided a way for people to live with peace and hope, even in a world where there seems to be neither . . . We would love to help you experience the hope that only He can give.

Come join us this weekend at Faith Family Christian Center
and discover the God you are looking for!

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Faith Family Christian Center
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Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Monday   January 11, 2010   Genesis 25-27 and Psalm 1

Songs are a major part of our lives. Oh, not that we give it a great deal of conscious thought, but the fact is songs and music are a part of every culture in the world that I know about. We have songs at our weddings, songs at our funerals, we sing songs for birthdays and anniversaries. We are sold all kinds of products on tv and radio with the use of songs . . . if I say the words “you deserve a break today” most people over 30 years old would hear the melodic line that went with those lyrics of a very popular national ad campaign . . . or how about the words “it’s the real thing”? Music is an important part of the fabric of our culture.

Of course, music is a very integral part of our worship of God. And the Bible contains a whole book dedicated to lyrics of some of the worship songs from ancient times. Psalms means songs or praises. Today we begin reading Book One, chapter one of the book of Psalms. One of the great things about songs is they are a tool that enhances our ability to memorize things. Think about how you learned to recite the English alphabet . . . The songs of the Psalms are a great way memorize values that can guide our lives. In Psalms 1 that we read today we come to understand that in this life you can choose one of two paths to live on. There are two moral paths in this life – that is all – and we each get to choose which one we are going to walk. The writer declares that blessing (happiness, well-being) is the portion for the individual who chooses to walk in the path that is laid out for us by the Law of the Lord. The person who has memorized the words to this song understands that there is a three step process that Satan uses to get us to live outside the wisdom of God’s path. Step one is to listen to the views and the ways of the world. . . . to use popular opinion as a way to guide our lives. It goes from listening to acting on . . . That is what the Psalmist meant by “standing in the way of sinners” - now we are doing the same things that they are doing. Which leads to step #3 where we adopt the ways of the world as our values – we sit in the seat of the scoffers or scornful. That is not the way to be blessed. Blessing is the result of making the word of God and his laws the focus of our thinking . . . and if our thoughts revolve around the word of God our actions will reflect that. We become what we think about. Meditating on the ways of God will lead to a life of fruitfulness – it will lead to a life of prosperity – it will lead to a life that will stand the tests of time and eternity.

Everyday on our journey through life we come to places where we decide which moral path we are going to take. Are we going to do the popular thing, or are we going to do the “God thing’? When we know the words to Psalm 1 by heart we understand that there is only one path that leads to happiness (blessing, well-being) that is going to last. Anything that is done outside of the scope of God’s plan is destined to perish. There are only two paths – two choices . . . that is it.

May I suggest that you put the words to this song in your memory bank (in other words, memorize Psalm 1) I wish we had the melodic line that it was first written to, or that I had the talent to give you a melodic line to go with the words because that would make it easier to memorize for many of us. But it is not the melody that is important. It is the lyrics. For the lyrics remind us that walking in God’s plan for our lives is the sure way to live a blessed life.

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Tuesday      January 12, 2010   Genesis 28-30 and Psalm 2

Wednesday January 13, 2010   Genesis 31-33 and Psalm 3

Thursday     January 14, 2010   Genesis 34-37 and Psalm 4

Friday         January 15, 2010   Genesis 38-40 and Psalm 5

Saturday     January 16, 2010   Genesis 41-44 and Psalm 6


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