Jesus Power Means We Don't Have to Fear Death! 


Songs to Celebrate Jesus!

Video Lesson: Easter Sunday - Jesus Comes Back to Life (Matthew 27:33-28:10)

Supplies Needed if you want to do the activities (or you can just watch):

Thankful journals (or some blank paper), a small household object or toy, paper, washable markers, paper towel, objects to build a tomb (such as pillows, couch cushions, or a blanket to place over a table)


Easter Recipes and Activities with a Power Over Death Lesson!

Easter Resurrection Rolls
This super easy recipe only takes a few ingredients and is a great way to celebrate the empty tomb!

Easter Resurrection Roll Recipe Feature


Resurrection Cookies
If you have a little more time, here is another great learning recipe!

Resurrection Cookies


Resurrection Egg Hunt
Give a special meaning to your Easter Egg Hunt this year!
Easy reference to symbols and the Scriptures to go them.

resurrection eggs3
easter story


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