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Suggested Readings To Read The Bible Through In A Year

Tuesday     March 9, 2010    Numbers 25-27 and Psalm 26

Once again today we have scripture passages that are in sharp contrast to one another. Numbers 25 starts out with the statement that some of the Israelite men have become involved in sexual sin. Psalm 26 begins with David’s prayer for vindication based upon the fact that he was living in a way that was blameless. In Numbers 25 we read about 24,000 people dying because of their choice to disobey God. In Psalm 26 we read that David felt that he was living on level ground ( a place of safety and security) because of the choices that he was making. In David’s song we learn some principles for living that will keep us from sinning against God.

1. Unwavering trust in God. (v.1)Believe His Word. Believe that he has our best interest in mind. Believe that he is for us and not against us. Trust God.

2. Remember God’s love.(v.3) David’s declaration of being blameless had to be founded in his understanding of the love and grace of God. David understood that God had made provision for the forgiveness of sin – and that God desired relationship with him.

3. Walk in truth. (v.3) To me that means to live with a proper understanding of who God is. . . it means to obey His words.

4. Reject wickedness. (vv.4-5) We make choices about what we are going to do, where we are going to go, and who we are going to hang out with. Make good choices!

5. Be a worshiper – every day and everywhere! (vv. 6-8) David said I give you thanks – and not just in mind, but I proclaim it aloud. David said I share with other people the great things that you are doing in my life. Giving the Lord worship and praise everyday will help keep us walking in ways that are pleasing to God.

Suggested Readings To Read The Bible Through In A Year

Wednesday March 10, 2010   Numbers 28-30 and Psalm 27

Thursday     March 11, 2010   Numbers 31-33 and Psalm 28

Friday         March 12, 2010   Numbers 34-36 and Psalm 29


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