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Suggested Readings To Read The Bible Through In A Year

Monday    March 22, 2010     Deuteronomy 17-19 and Psalm 38

Deut. 19:2-3

then set aside for yourselves three cities centrally located in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess. [3] Build roads to them and divide into three parts the land the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, so that anyone who kills a man may flee there.

Chapter 19 of Deuteronomy lets us know that God places a high value on human life. He is also very concerned about justice and making sure that innocent people are not punished for crimes they did not commit. Part of God’s plan to help ensure justice was the concept of designated cities of refuge in the land of Israel. These cities were to be centrally located, and roads were to be built that would make access to the cities as easy as possible. God wanted to make sure that there were no barriers to keep a person from getting to a city of refuge so that there could be a fair trial. God wanted the people to make sure that innocent people were not executed, and he wanted to make sure that those who were guilty paid for their crime.

Thank the Lord that most of us will never have to deal with the issue of taking another person’s life. However, when we read the words of Jesus in the sermon on the mount in the gospel of Matthew, we discover that Jesus coupled hate and murder together . . . he coupled the way we speak to and about other people with the act of murder . . . With that thought in mind, I would like to suggest today that we are called to be road builders, and those roads should lead to a city of refuge. I am thinking about what we do when we hear rumors about other people. How many people have had their reputation destroyed by rumors that were not true? So, what should we do to be a “road builder” when we hear about a fault of another person? Let me suggest three things that I think we can learn from Deuteronomy 19:

1. Delay repeating what you have heard. The purpose of the city of refuge was to give a person a place to go to where an investigation would take place before a judgment was made. That leads me to step two of road building . . .

2. Check the facts. Where did the person telling you this story get their information? Is it based on something they saw and heard, or are they simply repeating something that they heard? Remember, God hates false witnesses and gossips! Remember, God said that no one should be convicted by the testimony of one person. Get the facts.

3. Speak to the accused. Go to the person and get their side of the story.

God does not want us to ignore sin and cover for the guilty. But rumors, gossip and false accusations are evils that the Lord wants us to purge from our community. Are we “building roads” that help people find safety? Something to think about the next time you hear a rumor about me . . .

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