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Suggested Readings To Read The Bible Through In A Year

Monday   April 5, 2010   Joshua 15-16 and Psalm 52

  Psalm 52 is a song of contrasts . Psalm 52 is a song about two men who started out as shepherds. The author, David, had been a shepherd over his father’s herd of sheep. The mighty man that David refers to in verse one was Doeg, the chief shepherd of King Saul’s herd of sheep. The shepherd David was a man who was doing his best to follow the plan of God for his life. The shepherd Doeg seems to have been a man who intent on making his way to the top – no matter what it took or who it hurt.

  You find the story of Doeg (pronounced DOE egg) in 1 Samuel 21 and 22. In order to impress his king and to obtain property and position he betrayed David and the high priest Ahimelech. Doeg was the only one of King Saul’s servants willing to carry out Saul’s order to kill Ahimelech and his whole family for the crime of “aiding and abetting” David in his flight from King Saul.

  Psalm 52 is David’s response to the news of the terrible slaughter of the priest’s family. What Doeg had done had made life even more difficult for David. But David understood clearly that God would deal with the treachery of Doeg. David understood that even though he was going through some of the most difficult times of his life to date, he would be blessed by continuing to trust in the Lord. David was persuaded that the only place of security in this life was in the presence of the Lord. For Doeg it was about wealth and power.

  What became of Doeg? We don’t read anymore about him the Bible. David predicted that he would reap what he had sown, and one day God would bring him down.

  What became of David? In God’s time and in God’s way he became king of Israel with a dynasty that will last forever in Jesus.

  Today I am once again reminded to trust in the Lord in all my ways . . .

Suggested Readings To Read The Bible Through In A Year

Tuesday      April 6, 2010   Joshua 17-18 and Psalm 53

Wednesday April 7, 2010   Joshua 19-20 and Psalm 54

Thursday     April 8, 2010   Joshua 21-22 and Psalm 55

Friday         April 9, 2010   Joshua 23-24 and Psalm 56

Saturday    April 10, 2010   Matthew 1-4 and Psalm 57


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