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Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Wednesday   April 14, 2010   Matthew 12 -13 and Psalm 61

One of the things that impresses me about King David is the fact that he seemed to maintain the same simple faith in God that he had as a shepherd boy even after he became King of Israel. Psalm 61 was very likely written after he became king. David still understood the fact that he was dependent upon God . . . lead me to the rock that is higher than I . . . .

Verse 3 and 4 have become my focal point for thought this morning. In these 2 verses I see a progression of relationship that David expresses with his word pictures. David’s description of God suggests three levels of connection with God.

Level one – God is a great hiding place . . . he is a place of safety in the time of trouble . . . a refuge . . . a strong tower. In my mind I see a huge fortress built out of stone . . . walls that are high and thick. David had an understanding that when he troubles surrounded him he could find a sense of security in crying out to God in prayer – it was like being able to run into that fortress and closing the gate.

Level two - God as a gracious host. In verse 4 David said I long to dwell in your tent forever. We read a little bit about Middle Eastern hospitality in ancient times in the Bible. When three men showed up at Abraham’s tent it called for the butchering of a calf so he could prepare veal cutlets to go with the fresh bread that Sarah was making. Abraham felt a great responsibility to meet the needs of his guests for food and refreshment. In the story of Lot, he was willing to sacrifice the well being of his daughters to protect the men who had come to stay in his home that night. So when David says I long to dwell in your tent forever he is saying God, you welcome me like a special guest into your presence and here me needs are met.

Level three - God as sheltering wings. I long to take refuge in the shelter of your wings. This is a picture of a mother hen and her chicks. I shall always remember the story that I heard in a Sunday School class when I was child of a fire that went through a small farm. And when the charred carcass of one the hens was moved out from under her wings came her baby chicks alive and well. The sheltering wings is indicative of a very close relationship – it speaks of a parent/child relationship that is not only protective but warm.

In these two short verses David pictures his relationship with God as a place of security. But notice the progression – first as a very strong and powerful but perhaps not all that personal; then as a very welcoming host, and then finally as a loving parent. I find that is how it is for me – the more that I know the Lord, the closer and more intimate my sense of connection with Him. What incredible privilege we have to be children of the Most High God! What a sense of security we can have knowing that He never changes - His love endures forever – and there is nothing that is impossible to Him. . . .

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Thursday  April 15, 2010   Matthew 14-15 and Psalm 62

Friday       April 16, 2010   Matthew 16-17 and Psalm 63

Saturday  April 17, 2010   Matthew 18-19 and Psalm 64

Sunday    April 18, 2010   Matthew 20-21 and Psalm 65



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