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Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Tuesday    April 20, 2010   Matthew 24-25 and Psalm 67

  The dialogue between Jesus and his disciples in the first three verses of Matthew 24 sets the stage for Jesus to share teaching that has led to a proliferation of books and movies about the end times and the “rapture of the church.” I must say that while much of what has been written about Jesus teaching here makes for interesting reading, I feel much of it is pure conjecture as people try to figure out just when the end will come and what it will be like. I do not have the time or space this morning to get into a discussion about the things that Jesus is foretelling other than to note this: Jesus was answering three questions in Matthew 24 and 25. The disciples assumed that the destruction of the temple would be the time when all three of those questions were answered. However, does Jesus say that?

  For me, the most important thing that Jesus taught in Matthew 24 and 25 was the way in which we should live each and every day of our lives. The parables that he told in this setting tell us at least two things about how to live. Number one we should live each day as if it could be the last. Jesus made the promise that he was coming back but no one would know when that day and hour would be, so live in such a way that you are ready at any time for the announcement that the King has returned. Number two we should keep on serving and living until that days comes. There will be an accounting of how we used the resources and opportunities that we have been given while living here on this planet. While we are saved by grace and grace alone, Jesus does indeed teach us in this message that our faith in his grace will be proven by the way we serve him and the people that he brings into our sphere of influence. Jesus taught that the way we live will have direct bearing on how we spend eternity. Jesus taught that we must live each day with the awareness that He is with us now, that our time here is limited, and that we will all stand before Him and give explanation for our lives. Two words sum it all up - BE READY.

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Wednesday  April 21, 2010   Matthew 26-28 and Psalm 68

Thursday      April 22, 2010   Judges 1-2 and Psalm 69

Friday          April 23, 2010   Judges 3-4 and Psalm 70

Saturday      April 24, 2010   Judges 5-6 and Psalm 71

Sunday        April 25, 2010   Judges 7-8 and Psalm 72


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