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1 Samuel 17-18 & Proverbs 26:1-16

Which was the greater test of David’s faith in God, killing Goliath or living with King Saul? I let you make your own decision – but I do want to point out some of the issues that David had to deal with after his promotion to a high rank in the army of Israel.

1. David had to deal with the test of popularity. How was he going to respond to the applause and adoration of people? While we all long for and need the approval of others, when it comes in the form of the applause and singing of songs about us we are susceptible to issues of pride. (In fact, we don’t even need people to sing about us to have a struggle with pride) It appears that the young man David was wise enough to not get sucked into the temptation of pride at this point in his life. Solomon wrote in Proverbs 27:21

Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but a person is tested by being praised.

David passed the test of praise . . . he did not let the songs that the women sang cause his” head to swell.” Saul, on the other hand, did not handle David’s popularity over him well at all! Pride . . .

2. David had to deal with the test of demotion. In verse 13 Saul sent David away so he would not have to look at him and made him commander of a thousand men. While that is a significant number of men it seems implied in verse 5 that David had been given a place of higher rank in Sauls’ army to begin with. Did this demotion change David’s faith in God or his loyalty towards his king? Not at all. The Lord was with David because David continued to trust in the Lord.

3. David had to deal with the test of disappointment. In verse 17 Saul finally begins to make good on the promise he made to the man who killed Goliath to give his daughter to him in marriage. David is a bit overwhelmed by the prospects of becoming a son-in-law to the king of Israel. To me, verse 19 indicates that David must have had some emotions to deal with when Saul gave his oldest daughter to another man in marriage after telling David that she should be his wife. Saul did not keep his word. How do you feel when someone does contrary to what they have promised you? This was another one of the circumstances that God used to shape the leader that he had chosen to be the next king of Israel.

While David’s encounter with Goliath is one of the greatest stories of faith of all time, David was not ready to be the king yet. God was not finished shaping his character or honing his faith. In fact, as you continue to read this story over the next few days think about how David responds to what is taking place in his life and what he learns about his faith in the Lord. And while we are at it, why not take a look at where we are right now . . . what is it that the Lord is trying to get us to learn about our faith in Him in the circumstances that we are in today? What is it that we are being tested in? Are we trusting in our selves, in some other person, or in the Lord?

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Thursday  May 20, 2009   1 Samuel 17-18 & Proverbs 26:1-16

Friday       May 21, 2009   1 Samuel 19-20 & Proverbs 26:17-28

Saturday   May 22, 2009   1 Samuel 21-22 & Proverbs 27:1-14

Sunday     May 23, 2010   1 Samuel 23-24 & Proverbs 27:15-27

Monday    May 24, 2010   1 Samuel 25-26 & Proverbs 28:1-14

Tuesday   May 25, 2010   1 Samuel 27-28 & Proverbs 28:15-28


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