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It seems to me we learn to do it very early in life . . . it is why we say things like “my dad is stronger than your dad!” “My dog is smarter than yours.” For some reason we have a tendency to measure ourselves and the things that we have against each other. Think about the way sports teams are rated – the U of W softball team goes into the playoffs rated the #3 team in America in division I schools. In other words compared to all the other teams it appears that they are the 3rd best in the country. Maybe they are or maybe not . . .

This morning as we read the opening verses of Proverbs 30 which contains the message given to us by Agur we learn how to live in humility rather than pride and arrogance. Agur has learned to not measure himself against other men, but against God. In verse 4 he asks five questions. What is the answer to those five questions? There can only be one right answer for all of them – it is God. Agur says that when I measure myself against God I am not very much, in fact, I am like an animal who has no reasoning abilities at all. When I look at the majesty and power of God, He is more than I can comprehend. Agur learned the lesson of humility. If we learned this one lesson from the book of Proverbs it would be enough. Paul told us in Philippians 2 that we should all have the same attitude that Jesus had – one of humility – one of emptying out of ourselves in order to serve God.

Agur makes one more statement in these first few verses that catches my attention this morning. In verse 5 he says “every word of God is flawless.” What that says to me when it comes on the heels of verse 4 is this; There is only one way for us to begin to be able to comprehend the nature and character of God, and that is through his Word. Be careful that you don’t get your information about God from human opinions. We have a tendency to want to make God into the person we want him to be. We are dependent on divine revelation to really get to know who God is. And in the last part of verse 5 we have this great promise - there is a place of personal relationship with the living God where I find shield of protection – I live in a place of refuge.

Agur reminds me this morning that it is good for me to begin each day with thoughts like the ones we declare when we sing Chris Tomlin’s song,

How Great Is Our God

Chorus 1

How great is our God

Sing with me

How great is our God

And all will see how great

How great is our God

Verse 1

The splendor of the King

Clothed in majesty

Let all the earth rejoice

All the earth rejoice

He wraps Himself in light

And darkness tries to hide

And trembles at His voice

And trembles at His voice

Verse 2

And age to age He stands

And time is in His hands

Beginning and the End

Beginning and the End

The Godhead three in one

Father Spirit Son

The Lion and the Lamb

The Lion and the Lamb

Misc 1


Name above all names

Worthy of all praise

My heart will sing

How great is our God


CCLI Song No. 4348399

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Chris Tomlin | Ed Cash | Jesse Reeves

For use solely with the SongSelect Terms of Use. All rights Reserved.

CCLI License No. 263176

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Friday      May 28, 2010   2 Samuel 1-2 & Proverbs 30:1-14

Saturday  May 29, 2010   2 Samuel 3-5 & Proverbs 30:15-33

Sunday    May 30, 2010   2 Samuel 6-7 & Proverbs 31:1-9

Monday   May 31, 2010   2 Samuel 8-10 & Proverbs 31:10-31

Tuesday  June 1, 2010   2 Samuel 11-13 & Psalm 78


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