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2 Samuel 16 stands in stark contrast to the days that David came into the capital city to the songs of the people declaring that Saul has killed his thousands and David has killed his ten thousands. 2 Samuel 16 records the story of a man named Shimei publicly cursing David while throwing rocks and dirt at him. One of David’s loyal men offers to sever his head from his body, but David says no – he may be a messenger of the Lord. In other words, David is feeling some guilt for the circumstances that have led to this moment of fleeing for his life from the hand of his own son Absalom. David was a man accustomed to victory parades. David was a man accustomed to taking on all comers with confidence. Yet, on this occasion he feels the need to flee. So what was going through his mind on that day? Psalm 3 does give us some insight. The title of the Psalm says it was written when he fled from his son Absalom.

David looked around. He took account of the situation as it really was. . .

Psalm 3:1-2

O Lord, how many are my foes!

How many rise up against me!

[2] Many are saying of me,

"God will not deliver him."


David looked back. He took account of how he had gotten thus far in is life - how he had managed to stay alive in spite of the fact that others had tried to take him out before.

Psalm 3:3-4

But you are a shield around me, O Lord;

you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.

[4] To the Lord I cry aloud,

and he answers me from his holy hill.


David looked up. He put his trust in the one who had sustained him thus far.

Psalm 3:5-7

I lie down and sleep;

I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.

[6] I will not fear the tens of thousands

drawn up against me on every side.

[7] Arise, O Lord!

Deliver me, O my God!

Strike all my enemies on the jaw;

break the teeth of the wicked.

David looked forward. He saw by faith the final outcome of this circumstance.

Psalm 3:8

From the Lord comes deliverance.

May your blessing be on your people.


David gives us a great example in how to face difficult times in our lives . . . look around, look back, look up and look ahead with faith. Our God is faithful. Our God is strong. Our God has a plan.

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Thursday   June 3, 2010   2 Samuel 16-17 & Psalm 80

Friday        June 4, 2010   2 Samuel 18-20 & Psalm 81

Saturday    June 5, 2010   2 Samuel 21-22 & Psalm 82

Sunday      June 6, 2010   2 Samuel 23-24 & Psalm 83

Monday     June 7, 2010   Colossians & Psalm 84

Tuesday    June 8, 2010   1 Kings 1-2 & Psalm 85


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