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There is a time for everything . . .those are the words of the first verse of Ecclesiastes 3. Solomon goes on to list fourteen statements of polar opposite activities that are a part of life. It would appear that the conclusion we are to come to is that life is ordered – there is a plan – there is someone who put it all in motion and continues to sustain it. We should understand that there are laws that God has put in motion that we cannot change. We should be able to see that from the time we are born until the time we die God is at work in our lives to accomplish his purpose. . .

It would appear that in Solomon’s search for the meaning of life he concludes (1.) that our lives are a gift from God. (See verses 10-13) Sometimes we don’t feel that way or understand what is going on in our lives, but the truth is God has a plan that he is working in our lives. We would do well to live each day with a thankful heart for the life he has given us. Someone said, “outlook helps to determine outcome.”

Solomon concludes (2.) that our lives are linked to eternity. There is something within the very core of our being that wants to be and needs to be connected with the eternal God. There will be a void in the soul of the person who does not have a connection with God. The whole purpose of this life is preparation for life in eternity.

Solomon concludes (3.) that life can be enjoyable here and now. When a person has a proper understanding of where we came from and where we are going they can live in the now with a sense of happiness and satisfaction because they realize God is at work and he has it all under control.

When the well-known British Methodist preacher William Sangster learned that he had progressive muscular atrophy and could not get well, he made four resolutions and kept them to the end: (1) I will never complain; (2) I will keep the home bright; (3) I will count my blessings; (4) I will try to turn it to gain. This is the approach to life that Solomon wants us to take.

However, we must note that Solomon is not saying, “Don’t worry—be happy!” He is promoting faith in God, not “faith in faith” or “pie in the sky by and by.” Faith is only as good as the object of faith, and the greatest object of faith is the Lord. He can be trusted.

How can life be meaningless and monotonous for you when God has made you a part of His eternal plan?

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Tuesday      June 15, 2010   1 Kings 15-16 & Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Wednesday June 16, 2009   1 Kings 17-18 & Ecclesiastes 3:16-22

Thursday     June 17, 2009   1 Kings 19-20 & Ecclesiastes 4

Friday          June 18, 2009   1 Kings 21-22 & Ecclesiastes 5

Saturday      June 19, 2009   Jonah & Ecclesiastes 6

Sunday        June 20, 2009   Philemon & Ecclesiastes 7:1-14


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