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The gospel message is found in so many places and so many ways in the Bible narrative! Today we are reading from one of the books of history in the Old Testament, yet, even in this historical account of an event in the life of Elisha we find a picture of how a person is “born again.”

It is the story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5. A very prominent man in his nation, but he was a leper. In the Bible leprosy is often used as a picture of sin. Naaman – just like you and me– was a sinner. That is what the leprosy represents. As a leper he was condemned. There was no cure. The same can be said of us in regards to our sin . . . the wages of sin is death.

Naaman was not only a condemned leper, he belonged to a nation that was an enemy to God and God’s people. Naaman was really an enemy to God. The same was true of you and me. Before we were saved we were enemies of God .

One of God’s people (the servant girl) told Naaman that there was a God in Israel who could heal him. She shared a testimony about her faith in God (she witnessed)

Naaman then began on a pursuit to get himself healed. First he went to the king of Syria, then to the king of Israel. He was not unlike most “pre-believers” who try all kinds of ways to find the answer to their deepest need. Naaman thought that if he had enough money and fine goods he could purchase his healing.

It is interesting that in his search for healing, God called Naaman. That happened when the prophet Elisha heard that the king of Israel had torn his robes when this leper came to him looking for healing. Elisha sent word, send Naaman to me . . .

Naaman made the journey to where Elisha was. When he was instructed to go even further to wash in the Jordan River he got real angry and rejected God’s plan. It didn’t make sense to him, so he flat out rejected it. However, as his servants reasoned with him, Naaman decided to humble himself and do what the prophet of God had told him to do. And when he obeyed the word that had come from God, Naaman was healed completely in an instant! Naaman then gave public testimony to the assurance that he now had in his heart that there is only one God – and that he has the power to heal – and this was the only God that he was going to serve. Naaman was “born again”. Not because of who he was . . . not because of the money that he offered . . . nor because of something great that he did . . . it was all about expressing his faith in God by being obedient to what the man of God told him to do.

Naaman went home in peace.

Romans 5:1

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

that saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now I am found

was blind but now I see!

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Monday      June 28, 2010   2 Kings 15-16 & Luke 2


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