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Jehu was chosen and anointed by God to be the king of Israel. In order for that calling to be fulfilled Jehu would have to “take out” the present king. Jehu was more than willing. 2 Kings 9 and 10 are filled with bloodshed as Jehu follows God’s command to eradicate the house of Ahab. As Jehu proceeded to fulfill the command of God there was an Israelite that was so moved by the apparent revival that was taking place that he set out to meet Jehu. In verse 15 of chapter 10 we have the record of that meeting. Jehonadab is offered the “right hand of fellowship” and the privilege of riding in the chariot with Jehu (which proves he was somewhat courageous because Jehu was noted as being a man who drove his chariot like a madman!) Jehu invited Jehonadab to come with him so he would be able to see just how much zeal Jehu had for God. Jehonadab is there when Jehu deceives the prophets of Baal in order to get them all together so he could wipe them out. And that is about all we read about this man Jehonadab . . . until we get to Jeremiah 35 – which is about 150 years later. From the context of Jeremiah 35 we learn just what kind of man Jehonadab was. In Jeremiah 35 God told Jeremiah to call in the descendants of Jehonadab (referred to as Jonadab) and offer them wine to drink. When these people show up at the appointed place at the appointed time and the wine is offered, they refused to drink it on the grounds that their forefather had forbid them to drink wine or to live in permanent homes. Jehonadab had instructed his family that they were to live as nomads in the land. And it appears that his reason was in order to keep themselves in a place where they worshiped God and him alone. While Jehonadab was impressed with the revival that was wiping out the worship of Baal under the leadership of Jehu, Jehonadab was able to see that Jehu was only partially committed to the things of God. Jehu was happy to the things that he wanted to do in the name of the Lord — but Jehu was not willing to give up his worship of the golden calves that Jeroboam had introduced to Israel. Jehonadab was sold out for the LORD and wanted his family to always be the same. . .his influence with his family was so strong that 150 years later they were still living by the wisdom that he had given to them!

What is the lesson for us today? We are in this world, but we are not of this world. Our hope cannot be in the politicians who are leading our nation – though they have been placed their by God. Our hope rest solely in our relationship with God. Jehonadab and his family were used by God as an example of how to live and experience the ongoing blessing of God upon our lives. It is all about obedience. (See Jeremiah 35:16-19) Not partial obedience – but complete obedience. It is all about making God the Lord of every part of our lives. Jehu obeyed the word of the Lord in regards to killing the people of the house of Ahab. However, Jehu continued to be active in the cult worship of the calves. And because of that the kingdom of Israel began to suffer the loss of real estate to enemy kings. Jehonadab, on the other hand, brought great blessing upon his family that lasted a long time because he indeed had “zeal for the LORD.” Jehonadab is a great example for you and me. In these perilous times that we are living we need to remember that our LORD is still on the throne in heaven, and when all is said and done it will be his kingdom that prevails! So, I commit myself completely to Him and to His purposes!

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Friday          June 25, 2010   2 Kings 9-10 & Ecclesiastes 11

Saturday      June 26, 2010   2 Kings 11-12 & Ecclesiastes 12

Sunday        June 27, 2010   2 Kings 13-14 & Luke 1

Monday       June 28, 2010   2 Kings 15-16 & Luke 2

Tuesday      June 29, 2010   2 Kings 17-18 & Luke 3

Wednesday June 30, 2010   2 Kings 19-20 & Luke 4


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