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Luke 4:1-2

Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert, [2] where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry.

If you read Matthew’s account of this same event in the life of Jesus, Matthew makes it clear that the reason the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness is so that he could be and would be tempted by Satan. This was the next and absolutely necessary step in the preparation of Jesus the man for the ministry for which he came to earth to do. The first man Adam failed when temptation came into his “world” – and because he did all mankind fell into the state of sin — we were born sinners! Jesus was about to begin to preach the kingdom of heaven – that he indeed was the King, but in order for him to be the King he needed to be the Victor over temptation, sin, and Satan himself. The temptation was a necessary part of proving who he was and that he was indeed without sin, though tempted and susceptible as we are. The Spirit led him to the wilderness to be tempted.

As I read the Word, temptation will be an ongoing part of our lives. The Lord allows us to be tempted so we have opportunity to grow in spiritual strength and maturity. It is never the Lord who tempts us, and He has promised he would never allow it to be more than we can bear – and He will always provide a way of escape — yet you can count on the fact that temptations will come!

The Bible tells us of three temptations that Satan tried to trip Jesus up with:

1.the food thing, his natural human need and craving for food; We are indeed physical creatures with real needs, but our spiritual nature must be in control of our physical nature;

2. The “if” thing, if you really are . . . Ever said something like, “Lord, if you really love me why am I going through this now?” That is one of the ploy’s of Satan . . . the if of uncertainty.

3. The “easy way out” thing – immediate authority over all the kingdoms of the world for the one time low payment of bowing to worship Satan . . .

In each case, Jesus answered the temptation with the Word of God ( and by the way, Satan also used the Word to tempt Him!) We all know that we need to know scripture so that in the moment of temptation we will know the right thing to say. It has been my observation that many people know scripture – and they even quote scripture – and yet they seem powerless against the temptation because they keep giving in to the same temptation and sin over and over and over. That is because there is a vast difference between magic and faith. We cannot use the Word like a magic wand – I wave it and chant it and shazzam - there goes all my troubles and worries! We use the Word in faith. That means having the confidence that what God has said is true, and because it is true I am going to live like it is! I am going to make a choice to act in the way that the Word directs me – it is that obedience that releases the power of God in my life and gives to me victory over sin and temptation. It is living the Word that secures victory in every area of my life!

Something to ponder:

“The Bible tells only two temptation stories, the temptation of the first man and the temptation of Christ, that is, the temptation which led to man’s fall, and the temptation which led to Satan’s failure. All other temptations in human history have to do with these two stories of temptation. Either we are tempted in Adam or we are tempted in Christ. Either the Adam in me is tempted—in which case I fall. Or the Christ in us is tempted—in which case Satan is bound to fall.”—Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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