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Luke 5:32 (ESV)

32 I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance."

There is a three letter word that has become somewhat “taboo” in our post-Christian culture. And it is not even on the list of words that would have gotten “my mouth washed out with soap” if I would have spoken it as a child. It is the word sin. People in our culture do not want to hear about or talk about sin. It is a word that, in their opinion, comes with too much judgmentalism and condemnation. When we speak publicly about sin we are accused of trying to force our morality on others. But the fact is, Jesus came to our world to deal with sin – and to help us deal with it.

Woven into the fabric of the narrative in Luke 5 we see sin exposed and sin dealt with. In the first story told in Luke 5, Peter comes face to face with the fact that Jesus indeed has a very strong “God-connection” and that Peter is a very sinful and unworthy man. Peter says Jesus you need to get as far away from me as possible! If you hang with me you may catch some of what I have – and that is the fact that I am a sinful man! But notice, Jesus did not leave . . . on the contrary, he said to Peter there is going to be a transformation of who you are Peter to the extent that you will no longer be remembered as a fisherman, you will become a man who wins people.

In the story about that paralyzed man lowered through the roof during Jesus sermon we learn what Jesus wants to do with your sin and mine . . . Jesus said to that man, your sins are forgiven . . .and then his paralysis was gone. That is what happens to us when we ask Jesus to forgive our sins . . . we are no longer spiritually paralyzed. The power of the resurrection is released in our lives and we are transformed. . .

That is what Luke wanted to illustrate when he told about Jesus calling the tax collector to come and follow him. A tax collector was lower than a sinner (read the context!) Jesus not only forgives us our sins, but he gives to us the power to be free from our sins and to live a totally different life. This tax collector who chose to follow Jesus, called Levi hers, was also called Matthew. The first of the four gospels in the New Testament was complied by Matthew. Yes he had been a sinner, but Jesus made him into a saint and an apostle. That is the story of the Gospel . . .I once was lost but now I’m found! Repentance from sin leads to forgiveness from God and transformation of my life. More than ever, that is the message our culture needs to hear and to experience. Sin is a real problem that every human being has . . . but Jesus Christ has come to set us free! Thank God he has!!!!!

In the last story in Luke 5

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