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In the first few verses of Luke 17 Jesus let’s us know that we have responsibilities toward one another as followers of Jesus Christ. The Lord warns us that even though we are going to always struggle with the temptation of sin, we need to do all we can to make sure we are not the cause of someone else sinning. Jesus went so far as to say you would be better off to be a victim of a mafia style execution (concrete hung around your neck) than to be the cause of someone else losing faith in God. Jesus told us that if we see a brother in sin, we are to do our best to correct them, if he repents - forgive him. He went so far as to say, if he sins against you seven times in a day and repents seven times – forgive him. Most theologians believe that the seven is not to be interpreted as a matter of keeping track of how many times but to choose to forgive completely each and every time there is an offense.

That teaching inspired the disciples to say, “Lord, increase our faith!” They seemed to be saying, what you are asking us to do is beyond the level of the faith we have right now – you are going to have to do something supernatural for us to be able to pull that off! Jesus then let’s them know it is not the size of your faith that is so important, it is the attitude of the faith you already have . . .

Then Jesus tells them a parable that seems to be another random thought – it feels like he has changed the subject. However, what happens when we connect this parable with what he has just said about confronting sin and forgiving sin in one another? Could it be that Jesus is saying, “Guys, while faith is foundational to being a follower – there are some things that are not really a matter of faith”. The parable is about the duties of a servant. The servant simply does what the master of the house has instructed them to do. That is their job – that is their responsibility . . . simply do what they are told to do when they are told to do it. Responding to a command is not a matter of faith, it is a matter of obedience.

That calls for a bit of introspection this morning . . .

How many times have we held back, wishing we had more faith so we could do something we knew God wanted us to do? How many times have we pleaded for more faith in our inadequacy? And how many times has the longing for more faith simply masked the fact that we have been unwilling to obey?

Personal Application

Don’t deceive yourself. Much in the Christian life is not a matter of faith. It’s a matter of obedience!

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Thursday   July 8, 2009   Luke 17-18 & Hosea 6

Friday       July 9, 2010   Luke 19-20 & Hosea 7

Saturday  July 10, 2010   Luke 21-22 & Hosea 8

Sunday    July 11, 2010   Luke 23-24 & Hosea 9

Monday   July 12, 2010   Amos 1-2 & Hosea 10

Tuesday  July 13, 2010   Amos 4-6 & Hosea 11


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