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Monday through Friday on daytime TV you can find a number of talk shows to watch. Some of things that are presented are for mere entertainment purposes. However, a great many of the topics and guests that appear are for the purpose of educating people about certain topics. Shows like Dr. Phil are all about fixing people and their problems. People are looking for ways to make life better - to make it easier – they are looking for insights that will help them succeed. Well, I believe that we have the secret of success in Psalm 119. Success begins with a love for God’s word.

Psalm 119:97

Oh, how I love your law!

I meditate on it all day long.

The writer goes on to say that as a result of meditating on the Word wisdom is gained – more wisdom than his enemies – more wisdom than his teachers – more wisdom than people who have already lived a long time and are still learning wisdom the hard way (by their own mistakes). The person who meditates on the Word will have a source of wisdom to draw on when faced with decisions to make regarding right and wrong – decisions regarding the best direction to go to avoid pitfalls.

Psalm 119:97

Oh, how I love your law!

I meditate on it all day long.

To meditate on the Word all day long does not mean that we all quit our jobs and fulfilling our responsibilities and sit around quoting Bible verses to each other. It means that I live with a mind and heart so yielded to the Holy Spirit that He can remind me of the Word I have read and help me to apply it to the way I handle the circumstances of life. As I read verse 97 this morning with the reference to love and meditation I thought back to when I was a teenager “in love”. In those days we used Pee Chees to keep our schoolwork in – or three ring binders. It wasn’t hard to figure out which students thought they were in love and who they were in love with. My pee chee had all kinds of doodling on it – most of it was in regards to the name of the girl that I loved. My spare time was spent thinking about her – as I would write her name and things like “I love ____________” there would be memories of times that we had spent together and thoughts about the next time I would see her. To meditate on her was not something that was hard to do because I “loved” her. It occurred to me this morning that when I love the Lord – when I am walking in close relationship with Him – that loving His Word is a natural thing to do. It is a delight to read the Word and to think about what I have read throughout the course of the day because it is a point of connection with the person I love – Jesus Christ.

At the church picnic on Sunday I really enjoyed the salmon . . . and the baked beans . . . the salads and chips . . . . BUT my favorite part was desert. There is just something about topping off my meal with something sweet (oh yes, I started with desert too!) that gives me the sense of all right, this meal is complete – I have been satisfied (and then some!) The Psalmist says to the Lord in regards to the Word

Psalm 119:103

How sweet are your words to my taste,

sweeter than honey to my mouth!

There is something about loving the Word, obeying the Word, and enjoying the Word that brings to us a sense of satisfaction. But even more important than that sense of satisfaction is the success that comes from the wisdom and understanding his word imparts into our lives.

I commend you for your love of the Word today. Keep it a priority in your life. A love for the Word and the one who gave it to us will guarantee success in your life. (See Psalm 1)

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Tuesday      September 14, 2010   Job 25-27 & Psalm 119:97-104

Wednesday September 15, 2010   Job 28-30 and Psalm 119:105-112

Thursday     September 16, 2010   Job 31-33 and Psalm 119:113-120

Friday          September 17, 2010   Job 34-36 and Psalm 119:121-128

Saturday     September 18, 2010   Job 37-39 and Psalm 119:129-136


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