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Job 38:1

Then the Lord answered Job out of the storm. He said:

    For 35 of the past 37 chapters of this great poem the Lord has been silent. For 35 chapters 5 different men have been trying to explain God and his ways. Now, finally, as the thunder is roaring and the wind is blowing, God talks. The Lord answered Job . . . Job had said back in chapter 31

Job 31:35

("Oh, that I had someone to hear me!

I sign now my defense--let the Almighty answer me
; . . .

Job felt like he had a case that God should listen to - Job felt that he was the victim of a great injustice – he felt that God needed to justify himself for what had happened to Job. So chapter 38 turns everything around . . .

Job 38:2

"Who is this that darkens my counsel

with words without knowledge?

Have you ever heard the statement, “you don’t know what you are talking about?” That is about the essence of what God is saying with this first question. And then he says to Job . . .

Job 38:3

Brace yourself like a man;

I will question you,

and you shall answer me

Brace yourself like a man – that is the picture of a man getting himself physically ready for a hard labor, or to run a race, or to fight a battle. In other words, Job I want you to pay real close attention to my questions, and I want you to give me nothing but the right answers. Job this is going to be intense. . . . and then God begins to fire questions at Job. The questions that God asked Job are questions that have kept scientist going for the past 6000 years – questions that they will never be able to fully answer without the acknowledgment of Almighty God. In a series of questions dealing with creation of the world, the mysteries of the oceans, the control of the weather, and the movement of the stars in the heaven God points out to Job and the other four men just how little they really know about anything – let alone the ways of God Almighty!

The series of questions that God asked leave us with one conclusion – God has it all under control. There is nothing that is beyond the scope of his power and his providence. While we may never be able to fully explain who He is and what He does we can fully trust in Him! He has a purpose and plan that is being worked out. Many times His purpose does not coincide with what our plans are – but the point that God makes with Job in these questions that Job cannot answer is God’s wisdom is far superior to ours. As one of the prophets tell us – His ways are above our way as high as the heavens are above the earth.

In chapter 42 that we are going to read tomorrow, Job says, “God something wonderful has happened to me. . . to this point in time I have only heard about you and I have served you based on what I had heard . . . but today I can say that I have seen you! I have seen something of your awesome power and your infinite wisdom. God, today I feel like I am really getting to know you, and I see just how insignificant that I am – yet you answered me and you care about me. I bow my knee and my heart before you and surrender who I am and what I have to you.”

My prayer for you and me is that we too would be able to see God – to see Jesus – at work in the circumstances of our lives. That we would be able to surrender each and every day to his purposes and his wisdom. To really live in that place where we can say, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Saturday      September 18, 2010   Job 37-39 & Psalm 119:129-136

Sunday        September 19, 2010   Job 40-42 & Psalm 119:137-144

Monday        September 20, 2010   Titus & Psalm 119:145-152

Tuesday      September 21, 2010   Jeremiah 1-3 & Psalm 119:153-160

Wednesday September 22, 2010   Jeremiah 4-6 & Psalm 119:161-168

Thursday     September 23, 2010   Jeremiah 7-9 & Psalm 119:169-176

Friday          September 24, 2010   Jeremiah 10-12 & Psalm 120


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