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Psalm 119:173

May your hand be ready to help me,

for I have chosen your precepts.


Jeremiah 7:8

But look, you are trusting in deceptive words that are worthless.

In our readings this morning I see a contrast in the results of choices made. The Psalmist sees that there is a place of safety in choosing to obey the Word of the Lord. Jeremiah points to the judgement of God that is about to be poured out on a people who have chosen to believe what they wanted to hear rather than what God has said. The Psalmist understands that salvation and life are dependent on choosing to live according to the Word of God. The Jews in Jeremiah’s day felt that as long as the temple was in Jerusalem they could live any way that they wanted to. Jeremiah’s message is very clear, God is going to judge sin. It does not matter what popular opinion is, or what is politically correct, anything less than obedience to the Word of God will bring the judgment of God. It is not because God is vindictive and harsh – on the contrary – God says through Jeremiah

Jeremiah 9:24

but let him who boasts boast about this:

that he understands and knows me,

that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness,

justice and righteousness on earth,

for in these I delight," declares the Lord

God delights in dispensing salvation and grace – He delights in blessing people – however, people choose whether or not they are going to live under His blessing or under His judgment of sin. Consider the words of Robert G. Lee . . .

“Adam’s choice cost him Eden; Esau’s, his birthright; Achan’s, his life; Lot’s, his home and herds; Absalom’s, his father’s throne; Saul’s, his kingdom; the rich young ruler’s, the companionship of Christ. Judas lost his apostleship; Demas his discipleship. Pilate, Agrippa, and Felix chose wrong and missed immortality. Ananias’ choice fooled no one but himself. Caleb and Joshua chose well, while Jonah’s first choice nearly shipwrecked himself and the crew.

“Ye older ones, what would your answer be as a father, a mother, as a Christian leader, if, concerning our young people, God would say to you today, ’Ask what I shall make of these young people’? Would your answer prove you know how to choose the things that matter most?"—Robert G. Lee

May we choose to do His Word today . . . and everyday!

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Thursday  September 23, 2010   Jeremiah 7-9 & Psalm119:169-176

Friday      September 24, 2010   Jeremiah 10-12 & Psalm 120

Saturday  September 25, 2010   Jeremiah 13-14 & Psalm 121

Sunday    September 26, 2010   Jeremiah 15-16 & Psalm 122

Monday   September 27, 2010   Jeremiah 17-18 & Psalm 123

Tuesday  September 28, 2010   Jeremiah 19-20 & Psalm 124


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