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In 586 B.C. the city of Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians. For two years the city had been under siege. There were many people who had died of starvation – mothers ate their children to try and stay alive. The great city of David lay in ruins. So Jeremiah writes Lamentations.

Lamentations basically means a dirge . . . a funeral dirge. The five chapters of Lamentations are five funeral poems written by Jeremiah to mourn the fallen city and nation. Notice that four of the chapters contain 22 verses and chapter 3 has 66 verses. That is because the first four chapters were written in acrostic form using the consonants of the Hebrew alphabet in successive order to start each of the verses. It would be like verse one beginning with the letter A, verse two with the letter B, verse three the letter C, etc in our English language. Chapter three was written in groups of three verses . . . the first three verses with the first letter of the alphabet, the second set of three verses with the second letter of the alphabet . . . and so on.

Jeremiah wrote these funeral songs to express his grief over the fall of Judah, and to declare his ongoing trust in God

Chapter one is written as a personification of Jerusalem as a widow. A mother who once had children and friends is now all alone. Not only is she alone, but she is ridiculed and laughed at by those who are her enemies.

Jeremiah makes an astute observation in verse 14 – “my sins have been bound into a yoke.” Humans have always longed for the “freedom to do whatever I want.” We think that is the greatest freedom we can experience. However, when we do things that break the laws of God we do not really experience freedom – in fact, we become slaves to the very things that we thought would make us free.

Chapter two is a funeral song that sees God acting more like an enemy than a friend as he brings judgment on the city of Jerusalem.

In Chapter 3 we read more of Jeremiah’s personal response to the destruction and devastation that he has watched take place before his eyes. Jeremiah is experiencing the incredible heartbreak of seeing the fall of the nation – the destruction of property - the loss of life . . . he is in mourning. BUT, in the midst of his mourning he takes a posture of faith in God . . . Jeremiah says

Lament. 3:22

Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed,

for his compassions never fail.

Jeremiah says yes things are bad – they are really bad . . . but I still have this hope . . . God still loves us – we have sinned – we are receiving the just reward for our rebellion – but God still loves us. . . and his compassions know no end . . .we should have been totally wiped out long ago - but God’s love does not fail — his compassions

Lament. 3:23

They are new every morning;

great is your faithfulness.

God has always been faithful – he always will be faithful . . .so

Lament. 3:24-26

I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion;

therefore I will wait for him."

[25] The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him,

to the one who seeks him;

[26] it is good to wait quietly

for the salvation of the Lord

That is Jeremiah’s response – and his advice for us – wait on the Lord – dig into the Lord - become one with the Lord . . . for he alone is our salvation. The Lord will show himself strong in behalf of those who hope in Him – who trust in Him – who wait on Him.

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Tuesday      October 12, 2010   Lamentations 1-3 and Isaiah 12

Wednesday October 13, 2010   Lamentations 4-5 and Isaiah 13

Thursday     October 14, 2010   2 & 3 John and Isaiah 14

Friday          October 15, 2010   1 Peter 1-3 and Isaiah 15

Saturday      October 16, 2010   1 Peter 4-5 and Isaiah 16

Sunday        October 17, 2010   Ezekiel 1-2 and Isaiah 17

Monday       October 18, 2010   Ezekiel 3-4 and Isaiah 18



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