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Listen and Look. Those are the two actions that the prophet Isaiah calls people who are seeking the Lord to take in chapter 51 . . . listen and look. In verse 1 the admonition is to look back – look to the foundations of the faith. Yes the people of Judah were presently experiencing some very challenging days, but look back to where we came from. Remember Abraham and Sarah. God called them to be the parents of a great nation. When he called them they were childless . . . and they were already eligible for social security if they had lived in modern times! Yet God blessed them with a son – and the nation was born. The point that the prophet is making is this; God keeps his word! God had made a promise to Abraham, and though it took 25 years to see the first son born, God kept his promise. Isaiah is saying to the people of Judah, God has promised that he is going to bring comfort – he is going to turn things around – there is going to be restoration in the land of Judah. God has promised.

In verses 4-6 the prophet tells the people to look ahead. The salvation of the Lord is coming! The justice and righteousness of God is going to prevail in the nations. It is the promise of the Lord and you can count on it. Take note of how the Lord speaks of “my people, my nation, my justice, my righteousness, my salvation, my arm . . .”

In verses 7-8 Isaiah calls the people to look within – what is in your heart? Is it fear or faith? The word of admonition is to let it be faith. It may appear that Babylon is strong and mighty . . . it may appear that there is no end to their reign of dominance over the nations. However, just as a moth may go undetected in the closet eating holes in your clothes, there are already holes in the Babylonian dynasty and they are going to fall.

The message was listen, look and take comfort because you can count on the salvation of the Lord . . .

Thank God for all that he has done over the years in my life. When I pause and remember all those things I am reminded that He has always been faithful . . . ALWAYS. So I will not be shaken today by fear and doubts, but I will stand secure knowing that God Reigns!

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Saturday     November 20, 2010   Micah 2 and Isaiah 51

Sunday        November 21, 2010   Micah 3 and Isaiah 52

Monday       November 22, 2010   Micah 4 and Isaiah 53

Tuesday      November 23, 2010   Micah 5 and Isaiah 54

Wednesday November 24, 2010   Micah 6 and Isaiah 55


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