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The final five chapters of Psalms are often referred to as the Hallelujah Psalms. That is because they all begin and end with the same admonition - Hallelujah - or Praise the Lord. Yesterday we read Psalm 145. Psalm 145 is entitled “A Psalm of Praise”. I believe that it is the only Psalm of the 150 with that specific title. It is a song written by David in which he gives to us numerous reasons why we should praise the Lord. Psalm 45 is another song written in acrostic form. Each of the lines of the song begin with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet. One writer made the comment that we might call this Psalm “Praising God from A to Z”. 46 six times in the final 6 Psalms we are told to praise the Lord.

In these six chapters we are given numerous reasons why praise is the appropriate thing to give to our God on a daily - hourly - minute by minute basis! We ought to praise him for his mighty acts. We praise him because his kingdom will last forever. We praise God because he answers our prayers and delivers us. We praise him for his mercy and his patience. We praise him for his provision and protection. We praise him for his righteousness – that never changes or fails. We praise him because he redeems our lives and heals our broken hearts . . . . on and on it goes - the Lord is indeed worthy of all our praise and worship.

We are told ways that we ought to give praise to the Lord — we are to praise him when we gather together in a place of worship – we are to praise him individually wherever we may be. We are to do it openly – and we are to do it in secret. We are to praise him with singing and with musical instruments. We are to praise him with lifted hands, lifted voices and lifted heads. We are to praise him with bowed heads and bended knees. We are to praise him with new songs . . . in fact, I never see a command to sing old songs – but several times we are told to sing a new song – something fresh. We are to praise him joyfully . . . and loudly . . . in the morning. We are to praise him with prayer and in our conversation. We are to praise him with dancing . . . We are to Praise the Lord!

Praise is powerful in our lives because it causes us to focus our eyes on Jesus and not on ourselves. Praise can be the agent that releases the power of God into the circumstances of our lives. Read 2 Chronicles 20. You will find that when the people of the Lord went to war with the choir on the front lines – and they began to sing and praise the Lord set ambushes against the enemy . . . (look it up). Or, read the story of Paul and Silas in Acts 16. When they were praying and singing hymns at midnight in the Philippi city jail – the power of God was manifested and people’s lives were changed forever. You see, God dwells in the praises of his people. So praise the Lord. Not because you feel like it . . . not because you are having a good or bad day – Praise the Lord for who He is and the fact that he is worthy. Make the first and last words of Psalms 146-150 a daily value - Praise The Lord!

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Monday       December 27, 2010   Revelation 18 and Psalm 146

Tuesday      December 28, 2010   Revelation 19 and Psalm 147

Wednesday December 29, 2010   Revelation 20 and Psalm 148

Thursday     December 30, 2010   Revelation 21 and Psalm 149

Friday          December 31, 2010   Revelation 22 and Psalm 150




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