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Matthew 9:33 . . . The crowd was amazed and said, "Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel."

Those are the words spoken after Jesus healed a man who could not speak because of being possessed by a demon. In the context of Matthew 8 and 9 it is only one of many miracles Jesus did. Matthew started with the miracle of healing a leper in chapter 8 and goes from one miracle to another – from one teaching moment to another. These two chapters follow after the Sermon on the Mount in chapters 5-7. It would appear that Matthew has chosen to record this series of miracles as proof to the authority of Jesus to teach what he had taught – these miracles and teachings were recorded to show that Jesus was indeed the Messiah . . . He was and is the King of all!

In chapter 8:1-17 Matthew shows us that Jesus had power over disease.

In chapter 8:16-17, 28-34 we see the power of Jesus over demonic forces

In chapter 8:18-22, and 9:9 we see the power of Jesus over men. He, as the King, is able to say to men follow me

In chapter 8:23-27 we see the power of Jesus over what we call nature as he speaks to the wind and the waves and they obey.

In chapter 9:1-8 Jesus shares with the people that he has the power to forgive sins – a claim that offended the religious folks to the core. Jesus validated his claim by telling the paralyzed man to get up and walk . . . which he did!

In chapter 9:10-17 Jesus portrayed his power over traditions. He had come to do something new.

In chapter 9:18-26 Jesus showed that he even had power over death as he raised the young girl back to life.

In chapter 9:27-31 Jesus displayed his power over darkness. In healing the two blind men who called him by the name of Son of David there was a spiritual lesson as well as a physical healing that took place. Jesus had come to bring sight to those who were in spiritual darkness.

In chapter 9:32-33 Jesus shows his power over dumbness.

And finally as chapter 9 ends and Matthew continues on in chapter 10, Jesus displays his power to delegate authority.

The gospel of Matthew has often been called “The King’s Gospel”. That is because Matthew wrote his account of the events of Jesus ministry so that the reader would understand that Jesus is indeed the King of Kings. Jesus is indeed the fulfillment of the promise and covenant that God made with David – that there would be a son in the line of David who would reign as king forever.

The Pharisees called him the prince of demons. The healed blind men called him Lord. What do we call him today? By our actions what name have we given to this one with power over everything?

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Thursday  January 6, 2011   Genesis 11-12, Matthew 9, Psalm 6, Proverbs 6

Friday       January 7, 2011   Genesis 13-14, Matt. 10, Psalm 7, Proverbs 7

Saturday   January 8, 2011   Genesis 15–16, Matt. 11, Psalm 8. Proverbs 8

Sunday     January 9, 2011   Genesis 17-18, Matt. 12, Psalm 9, Proverbs 9

Monday    January 10, 2011  Genesis 19-20, Matt. 13, Psalm 10, Proverbs10

Tuesday   January 11, 2011  Genesis 21-22, Matt 14, Psalm 11, Proverbs 11



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