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Leviticus 1:2

"Speak to the Israelites and say to them: 'When any of you brings an offering to the Lord, bring as your offering an animal from either the herd or the flock.

The book of Exodus tells us about the Israelites being delivered from Egypt and their journey to Sinai where God gave to them the law and the plan for the tabernacle. The book of Leviticus tells us about what God asked of the Israelites in the way of worship so that they would continue to enjoy a life of fellowship and intimacy with God. In the book of Leviticus we are going to read a lot of instructions in regards to how animal sacrifices and grain offerings are to be brought to the Lord. The sacrifice of animals and all the blood involved in those sacrifices pointed to the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus would make in our behalf on the cross of Calvary. Thank God that you and I are no longer required to sacrifice animals as we approach the place of worship! But even though that is the case, I still believe there are things that we can learn about true worship as we read the regulations that God gave to Moses concerning the sacrifices that were to be made.

For example, the first offering that we read about in Leviticus is the burnt offering. It appears that this offering was a voluntary offering. The purpose of the sacrifice was for the worshiper to be able to symbolize his commitment to the Lord. The burnt offering was a declaration of thanksgiving and a confirmation of desired fellowship with God. Of course, the shedding of the blood was symbolic of the atonement for sins, but this offering was set apart from several others in the fact that the entire animal was burnt on the altar. Many of the sacrifices required only a portion of the animal to be burnt and the rest of it eaten by the priests and/or the worshiper. But the burnt offering was totally burnt on the altar in the presence of God. That is the kind of dedication that I believe Paul had in mind when he wrote in Romans 12:1

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship.

Jesus shed his blood for our sins, and believing that fact and embracing it with all my heart is the key to my salvation. And now that I am saved the path to real worship and intimacy with my Savior begins with total dedication of myself to Jesus . . . daily.

As I write these thoughts this morning I can hear in my mind the words and melody to Paul Baloche’s song


Chorus 1

I bring an offering

Of worship to my King

No one on earth deserves

The praises that I sing

Jesus may You receive

The honor that You're due

O Lord I bring an offering to You

I bring an offering to You

Verse 2

The sun cannot compare

To the glory of Your love

There is no shadow in Your presence

No mortal man would dare

To stand before Your throne

Before the Holy One of heaven

It's only by Your blood

And it's only through Your mercy

Lord I come

CCLI Song No. 3956562

© 2002 Integrity's Hosanna! Music

Paul Baloche

For use solely with the SongSelect Terms of Use. All rights Reserved.

CCLI License No. 263176


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