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Today we read in Luke 16 some very interesting teachings that Jesus gave. At first glance it may seem that this chapter is a bit disjointed as Jesus talks about money, divorce, and hell. But looking at the context a little closer we see that Jesus had a very specific lesson that he was trying to communicate to his disciples and the Pharisees who were eavesdropping on the teaching session.

At the core of this chapter is a teaching about money. . . or perhaps I should say, the proper attitude about money. The Pharisees equated wealth with the blessing and favor of the Lord. In their eyes, the more money you had the more religious you must be. Jesus wants his disciples to understand that money is merely a tool to be used with the future in mind. Jesus pointed out that if one is not careful to have the proper attitude about money that you can become a slave to it – and there is no way to serve money and to serve God at the same time. The Pharisees did not much care for his teaching. They were pros at rationalization and self justification. Jesus pointed out their propensity to modify the law of God to give them license to do what they wanted to do – that is why we read the statement about divorce in this context. They had modified the law to make it okay to “trade in” their wives for younger and better looking models. Jesus made his point about living with the future in mind by telling one of the most graphic stories about hell that we have in the New Testament. It is the story of a rich man who lived to please himself contrasted with a poor man who had lived with a true trust in God. The rich man ended up in a place of torment – not because he was rich, but because he did not use his riches to do the work of God. He had lived for the moment. He had lived with no thought of eternity. He had lived thinking that all he had gathered was his.

The words from Hebrews comes to mind this morning

Hebrews 9:27

Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,

The apostle Paul tells us we will stand before the judgment seat o f God, and when we do

Romans 14:12

So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.

I guess the application question I must ask myself as I read Luke 16 today is, “Am I living with eternity in mind? Am I about kingdom business today? Am I pursuing the true riches of God?

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Sat.    Feb. 26, 2011   Lev. 19-20, Luke 19, Psalm 51, Proverbs 26-27

Sun.   Feb. 27, 2011   Lev. 21-22, Luke 20, Psalm 52, Proverbs 28-29

Mon.   Feb. 28, 2011   Lev. 23-24, Luke 21, Psalm 53, Proverbs 30-31


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