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David had finally become the king of Israel. It had been years since he had been anointed by the prophet Samuel to replace King Saul. The time has finally come. That is the setting behind the Psalm we are reading this morning. This is a song that David composed in light of his new responsibilities . . . a prayer for the continued blessing of the Lord. The portion of the song/prayer that grabs my attention today is verse 3 and 4 where David uses three different metaphors to describe his relationship to God.

1. David saw the Lord as his “refuge, a strong tower against the foe.” David had a great appreciation by now for places of security from the enemy. King Saul often hunted for David, along with 3000 Israeli soldiers, with the desire to kill David. But God had been faithful to protect David - to lead him to places of safety at the right moment.

2. David saw the Lord as his Host. In verse 4 he says “I long to dwell in your tent forever” In the Middle East in those days when you were a visitor in someone’s tent (their home) the owner of that tent had the responsibility of protecting you. As the host you provided for all the needs of your guests.

3. David saw the Lord as his “sheltering wings.” The picture is that of baby chicks being hid beneath the wings of the mother hen. It was a place of ultimate security and warmth for that chick.

It is interesting to note the transition in the images that David sang about in this song. He starts with the thought of a strong tower – a place of security for sure, but rather impersonal. The second image moves to that of a gracious host showing hospitality to a friend. And the final image is that of close intimacy portrayed by the parent and child relationship of mother hen and chick.

For sure, this is apt description of our relationship with the Father. The more we know Him the more we realize just how much He loves us, how much He cares for us, and how much he wants to be close to us.

Thank God for the incredible sense of security that is our today as we “dwell in his tent forever”.

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Tues.  March 8, 2011   Num. 7, John 5, Psalm 61, Proverbs 8

Wed.  March 9, 2011   Num. 8-9, John 6, Psalm 62, Proverbs 9

Thur. March 10, 2011   Num. 10-11, John 7, Psalm 63, Proverbs10

Fri.    March 11, 2011   Num. 12-13, John 8, Psalm 64, Proverbs11

Sat.   March 12, 2011   Num.14, John 9, Psalm 65, Proverbs 12

Sun.  March 13, 2011   Num.15-16 , John 10, Psalm 66, Proverbs13

Mon.  March 14, 2011  Num. 17-18, John11, Psalm 67, Proverbs 14



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