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Acts 2:47

And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

Jesus had made the declaration to his disciples that he was “going to build His church”. Acts 2 is where it all started. The church was birthed out of prayer meeting. In Acts 1 we are given the names of some of those in attendance followed by the statement Acts 1:14

They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

In Acts 2 we read about this group of praying people being filled with the Holy Spirit just as Jesus had promised. . . and it happened in such a way that a large crowd of people was attracted, wanting to know what all the noise was about . . . which led to the first sermon of the Church of Jesus Christ being preached. . . . Peter ended his sermon with a lengthy time of pleading with the folks to believe and receive . . . 3000 people responded and were baptized. Not too shabby a start to the first church plant!

In verses 42-47, I think we learn a great deal about our purpose as the Church. Verse 42 makes the statement that these people (3000 plus) devoted themselves to four things. They were devoted to the apostle’s teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. The result of their devotion was ongoing evangelism. Because of the power of the Holy Spirit being revealed in their lives by signs and wonders, and because of their devotion to each other – to do life together, and their devotion to Word of God, people were being saved on a daily basis.

As I read this context again this morning it brings some questions to my mind.

1. What am I devoted to? Not what do I believe in my head, but what am I really devoted to? What is it that consumes the bulk of my time, my thinking, and my passion? As I think about that question I remember the words of Jesus to the church at Ephesus in the book of Revelation. They were a people who stood strong for truth. They did not tolerate false teaching. They were a church that remained steadfast even when persecution came. However, Jesus had one thing against them – and it was serious! - Jesus said you have left your first love. He called them to return to that love. In Acts 2 the believers were devoted to things that extended and expanded the Church of Jesus Christ. So again I ask myself, what am I devoted to?

2. What would happen if a group of us were all devoted to these same four things on a daily basis? . . . Not just believe in them, but totally devoted to . . . totally committed to . . . totally consumed by . . . I wonder, would the Lord add to our number? I wonder, what is possible? I wonder, what would God like to do through you and me? I wonder???

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Wed.  March 23, 2011   Nu. 35-36, Acts 2, Psalm 73:1-14, Prov. 23

Thur.  March 24, 2011   Deut. 1, Acts 3, Psalm 73:15-28, Prov. 24

Fri.     March 25, 2011   Deut. 2-3, Acts 4, Psalm 74:1-11, Proverbs25

Sat.    March 26, 2011   Deut. 4, Acts 5, Psalm 74:12-23, Proverbs 26

Sun.   March 27, 2011   Deut. 5-6, Acts 6, Psalm 75, Proverbs27

Mon.  March 28, 2011   Deut. 7-8, Acts 7, Psalm 76, Proverbs 28

Tues. March 29, 2011   Deut. 9-10, Acts 8, Psalm 77, Proverbs 29






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