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Today I want to think about the picture of grace that we see in 2 Samuel 9 – the story of Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth.

On a spiritual level we are all like Mephibosheth. He was born into a family that had been rejected by God because of sin. Saul had walked in disobedience to the word of the Lord, and seemingly did not really repent, so God rejected him and his family as king of Israel. We too were all born into a family of sinners - Adam’s family.

Mephibosheth was crippled. He had been dropped as a child and ended up a paraplegic. Because Adam fell, you and I were born spiritually crippled. We cannot walk in a way that is pleasing to God in our own strength.

Mephibosheth lived in a land of desolation and hopelessness. He lived in Lo Debar - which means no pasture - it was desert wilderness. There was nothing there to bring satisfaction. It was a place where thirst and hunger were the rule of the day. People without God never find what they are looking for to quench the thirst of their souls or the hunger of their hearts.

Mephibosheth would have died in Lo Debar if it were not for the kindness of David. We would have never even heard of him. Mephibosheth could not help himself. He was dependent upon the grace of the king to change his course in life.

Mephibosheth’s destiny was changed because of David. In this context, David gives to us a great picture of what God has done for us.

David made the first move - looking for Mephibosheth. I am reminded of what Paul said. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

David loved Mephibosheth for the sake of Jonathan. This act was a result of the love between Jonathan and David many years before. The fact is, we are saved today because of the Father’s love for his son, Jesus. There is nothing in us to merit the love of God – it is all for the sake of Christ who died for us.

David treated Mephibosheth with the “kindness of God.” We are saved today by that very same kindness – we call it grace – and there is no other way to be saved.

David called Mephibosheth personally. First he sent a messenger, but when Mephibosheth came at the invitation it was David himself that met him. Jesus sent messengers to us with the Gospel, and when we heeded the invitation we found ourselves in the presence of Jesus himself.

David made Mephibosheth a part of the royal family. He told him I am going to restore to you everything that your grandfather owned - but you are going to eat at my table - in other words, you are family - you belong here in the palace with me. And that is exactly what Jesus did for us – he gave to us the power and the right to be called the sons of God - to live as His family.

David spoke peace to Mephibosheth – he told him that he had nothing to be afraid of. In like manner, Jesus has provided peace for us – peace with God and the peace of God. We no longer live with condemnation because our sins have been forgiven and we are His sons.

David provided for Mephibosheth’s every need. Paul said I know that my God will supply all my needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus.

There is one final note that strikes me in this story of Mephibosheth. In order for David to show kindness to Mephibosheth in the way that he did, David had to change one of his own laws. In chapter 5, when David defeated the Jebusites who held the stronghold on the mount of Jerusalem he had declared that the blind and the lame would not enter the palace. And yet, when he decided to find the descendants of Jonathan the one and only that he finds is lame. And that lame man not only entered the palace - he was made a son with all the privileges of the palace. I am reminded that God is holy – and only holy people and holy things can be in his presence. We do not deserve to be in his presence – yet in his love – in his grace and kindness - poor and crippled human beings like you and me have found a place where we belong! I am reminded of Reuben Morgan’s song

Verse 1

You are holy, holy

Lord there is none like You.

You are holy, holy

Glory to You alone

Chorus 1

I'll sing Your praises forever

Deeper in love with You

Here in Your courts

Where I'm close to Your throne

I've found where I belong

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Tues.  May 24, 2011   2 Sa. 7-9, Psalm 119:1-16, Proverbs 24, Acts 28

Wed.   May 25, 2011   2 Sa. 10-11, Psalm 119:17-32, Proverbs 25, Col. 1-2

Thurs. May 26, 2011   2 Sa. 12-13, Psalm 119:33-48, Proverbs 26, Col. 3-4

Fri.      May 27, 2011   2 Sa.14-15, Psalm 119:49-64, Proverbs 27, Heb. 1-2

Sat.     May 28, 2011   2 Sa. 16-17, Psalm 119:65-80, Proverbs 28, Heb. 3-5

Sun.    May 29, 2011   2 Sa. 18, Psalm 119:81-96, Proverbs 29, Heb. 6-7

Mon.   May 30, 2011   2 Sa. 19-20, Psalm 119:97-112, Proverbs 30, Heb. 8-9

Tues.  May 31, 2011   2 Sa. 21-22, Psalm 119:113-128, Proverbs 31, Heb. 10



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