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It’s not fair! Those words have been heard by every parent who has more than one child. Children have used that small sentence to try to manipulate their parents by making them feel guilty – the inference being that you as a parent are bound by the code of treating me fair! (Of course, my standard response was “life is not fair” . . . )

Isaiah 55 smacks of “it’s not fair.” You are thirsty and hungry? Well come here, you can find all you want to eat and drink. What’s that? You have no money? That is not a problem friend, we’ve got you covered, just come eat and drink and be satisfied. That is not fair. Every one should have to pay.

What is that you say? You have messed up your life by the wrong decisions you have made? You have set a course that leads to hell and eternal judgment? Don’t be afraid – I have something for you. No, it is not your execution papers, it is your pardon. Yep, that is right – I can give you a full pardon today for every sin that you have ever committed – just call on me (the LORD) – just ask for mercy today and it is yours! That is not fair – and thank God it isn’t! What you deserve is the most terrible punishment that God can devise. But what God wants to give to us is peace, joy and singing. God wants to turn the ugly things in our lives into beautiful things – like changing the thorn bushes into pine trees. It’s not fair – it is grace!

Why? I don’t know. Isaiah said God’s thoughts are not our thoughts . . . as the heavens are higher than the earth, so God’s ways are higher than ours. I guess God decided that “fair” won’t work if we are going to have a relationship with Him. So instead of being fair, he found a way that he could be gracious and loving – a way in which he could give us mercy, . . . a hope, and a future. (See Isaiah 53 and John 4)

Suggested Readings To Read Through The Bible In A Year

Mon.   Sept. 5, 2011   Isaiah 53-55, Psalm 61, Prov. 5, John 4

Tues.  Sept. 6, 2011   Isaiah 56-57, Psalm 62, Prov. 6, John 5

Wed.   Sept. 7, 2011   Isaiah 58-59, Psalm 63, Prov. 7, John 6

Thurs. Sept. 8, 2011   Isaiah 60-61, Psalm 64, Prov. 8, John 7

Fri.      Sept. 9, 2011   Isaiah 62-64, Psalm 65, Prov. 9, John 8

Sat.    Sept.10, 2011   Isaiah 65, Psalm 66, Prov. 10, John 9

Sun.   Sept.11, 2011   Isaiah 66, Psalm 67, Prov. 11, John 10



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