Letters from our Pastors in Southern Africa.  Pray.

South Africa - Stanley and Sandra Moodley

South Africa is battling the Corona virus, with 563298 positive cases.  We have a great recovery rate, it is said to be one of the best in the world, 417200 full recoveries, with 10,621 deaths.  One death is too many, unfortunately.  Many pastors have died, I know of at least ten pastors in the Durban area that have passed on. We have lost one of our Bishops in Johannesburg - Bishop Mabona.

We are still on level 3 of the lockdown.  Some churches have opened amidst the very strict lockdown rules and protocols, only 50 people are allowed.  Our local church and many of the Grace Churches are not opened. Our churches in the rural areas and townships cannot open due to the strict protocols and producing of sanitization certificate.  Unemployment is on the increase, the need for food parcels is increasingly on demand.  People in informal settlements are not as concerned about getting the virus as they are of starvation.  Our local church is going on a 21 day fast 17th August - 6th September.  We will fight this unseen enemy with the greatest weapon we have, that is Prayer ... Prayer is the Christian's Breath, fasting and prayer is the Christian's Breakthrough. 

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those in the Grace International family who have helped financially to feed the poor and take care of some of the needs of the vulnerables.  We have been able to assist almost 20 nations in the continent of Africa because of you generous gifts of love to the Continent of Africa.  Thank you! Your generosity means more than you'll ever know!  Your kindness is a blessing to us - especially in these challenging times.  With all our love and prayers, Stanley and Sandra Moodley.

Liberia - Mark Karmon

Dear Bishop Moodley,

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord whose grace is sufficient for us all.  We pray you all are well and safe in the special grace of God.

Bishop, the Grace fellowship Liberia family highly appreciate you and the Grace International family, for your tireless support to our people during this crisis.  It is well noted that you and Grace International family have been doing extremely well for our people since the covid-19, providing assistance for food which have been a great help to us during this crisis.

Bishop, as I mentioned in my previous update, food has been one of the major challenges we are facing within Liberia during time like this. Bulk of the people die indoors while under quarantine as a result of hunger.  People die from hunger more than the covid-19 in Liberia.  Even people who leave their homes and go out to search for food and contract the virus is the result of hunger.  When people stay indoors and there is no food, they pass under the door to go out to look for food and during this, they can contract the virus.  So Bishop, food is the serious problem we have for our people to stay indoors and stay safe.

However, Bishop, we are very grateful to you and the Grace International family for your support to our [people] in Liberia to get food and this helps a lot for our people to stay away and stay safe.  May God bless you all for your good efforts.

Moreover, since the covid-19, police brutality against our people and churches in horrible.  Three pastors were beaten unmercifully by police to death.  The police walk in this church during service and killed these pastors.  This has been a very serious problem to the church in Liberia.  Two weeks ago, three family members left their homes and went out to search for food an they were beaten and killed by the police. 

Finally, we sincerely appreciate you and the Grace International family for your good efforts and we are humbly asking your goodwill to keep up this good work to stand by our family during this crisis. Though we can't end the hunger in the world, but we can do little as we can and God will do the rest for his children.  Thank you for your good understanding my dear father.  We pray for you all daily in Jesus name.  Sincerely yours,  Bishop Mark Karmon, Grace International Liberia

Swaziland - David Simalene

Dear Bishop Stanley,

Swaziland is known to be the smallest country in Africa with a population of slightly above 1.2 million people.  This country is currently faced with many challenges which may seem to be beyond any human control.  For the past few decades, the country has been known as one country with the highest number of HIV infections. Many lives have been lost due to HIV and AIDS related illnesses. This is not the only pandemic the country has been combating, but there are other chronic diseases such as all types of cancer, diabetes, kidney failure that have also exhausted the country's resources, since patients had to be transferred to neighboring countries with advanced health systems. In spite of all these health challenges, the government and the people had hope that the situation shall improve.  However, in March 2020 when the first confirmed case of covid 19 was reported in Swaziland, the situation has been getting worse and worse.

The corona virus pandemic continues to be a threat in Swaziland.  The spread of corona virus is in rampant in number of confirmed cases is currently 2251 with 1070 recoveries. A total number of deaths is at 40.

A number of business and health facilities are being temporarily closed due to reported cases of infection among staff. Thousands of people are losing their jobs everyday. Our health system seem to be overwhelmed as it takes up to 7 days for the laboratories to issue out covid19 test results to suspects, some of whom had been hiding underlying conditions

The rate of poverty is on the increase and many families are without food as those who were once bread winners have been retrenched. People are being encouraged to stay, but staying at home for most people means no income and no food to eat. People are dying of starvation as the government is unable to distribute food parcels to all deserving citizens due to limited resources.  On that note, I would like to acknowledge the receipt of your financial gift which we have used to buy some food parcels for families. Each family member was invited to come and receive food parcel for his or her family. The people are very much grateful for the food that they have received and are continuously praising the Lord for such an unexpected provision.  Blessings, David Similane, Swaziland

Zambia - Golden Mtambo

Dear my Bishop,

Thank you very much sir. I have received your email now and I greatly appreciate once again your generosity. 

There's no gift that is too small. There are people that are living below one dollar per day in our communities and any help no matter how small, goes a long way in alleviating their sufferings. During these difficult times, we have been able to give hope to our people with the help we are receiving from you.  May the LORD God Almighty bless you and the Grace International.  Yours in Christ Jesus, Pastor Golden Mtambo.

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