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A Note From Grace International Zambia

Dear Mr. President Bishop Stanley Moodley,

Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I wish to report that Zambia has continued to grapple with the Corona Virus pandemic and its negative effects on the social and economic lives of the people. The economy of our country whose Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was scheduled to grow by 4 percent this year, recorded a negative 4 percent drop due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Before the onset of the pandemic our currency the Kwacha was trading at around 12 Kwacha to 1 United States dollar. Now the Kwacha has depreciated to almost 21 Kwacha to a dollar.

This has a devastating impact on the social economic day to day lives of our people. The United Nations (UN) rates Zambia as the fifth hungriest country in the world. Those are facts of numbers. Before the Corona Virus, I used to disagree with this rating, but ever since the pandemic hit our country, hunger and its effects of disease are clearly visible on the faces of most Zambians. The politicians have no answers to the problems of the people. Therefore, the people's only hope is in the Church of Jesus Christ. As preachers, we are giving the message of hope of the Word of God to the people. And where we have something to share, we are giving to the most vulnerable of our people. And this is cushioning the impact of the sufferings of our people

Therefore, any help, no matter how small, coming from our partners in Grace International America goes a long long way in helping us to help the poorer of the poor in our Churches and communities. Please, Mr. President, kindly convey our sincere appreciation to our loving partners.

The Churches in Zambia are partially opened with restrictions. The young children and the old people are not allowed to come to Church. This has negatively affected the Church attendance and consequently the tithes and offerings. Many mothers are not coming to Church because they remain with the little children at home. You may wish to know that the Church in Africa and Zambia in particular is 75 percent female and only 25 percent male.

However, we thank God that this hot season in Zambia has come as a great relief to our country as the cases of Corona Virus infections are on the decrease.

As at today 13th October, 2020, the Covid-19 statistics in Zambia are as follows:

Confirmed Cases: 15, 549
Recovered:. 14, 682
Deaths:. 345
Active Cases:. 522

We pray for God's blessings to be upon you Mr. President and your family, the whole family of Grace International Africa, our International President Bishop Steve Riggle and Mama, and the Grace International family worldwide.

I remain yours in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Golden C. Mtambo,
Grace International President,