Parents - We need to hear from you!

Dear Families:

As we transition from worship-at-home to worship-at-church, the children's ministry team needs to hear from you.

Throughout the shut down time, we have been blessed with free teaching videos provided by our curriculum publishers (Group Publishing and Orange Kids). Using those, and other free resources on the internet, we have been able to publish weekly children's lessons for families to use at home. We are now entering a transition phase where we do not have free videos, and we cannot yet satisfy safety guidelines to meet at the church. In order to continue to serve our families with children, we need to hear from parents and guardians.

* Has your family been using the Faith Kids lessons posted on the website?

If so, please tell what you have used, and how it has worked for your family, and how frequently.

* What would be most helpful to your family, in terms of children's teaching, for the next few weeks?

In addition, when we are able to host Faith Kids classes at the church, we will likely need to make some changes in the structure of our children's classes:

As families, you may need to sign your children up for classes ahead of time, as opposed to the "drop in" style we generally use, so that we can prepare appropriately for the ages and number of students.

* How would class pre-registration affect your family?

We are also considering a "Family Class" approach, in which parents and children would learn together in family units, instead of separately.

* How would your family feel about a participating in combined class?

Ways to give your feedback:

* Answer the questions online: Online Form

* Send us an email through the church website:

* Leave comments on our Facebook Page.

* Call Christina Ishii (phone number by request)

Thank you so much for your participation. We look forward to having our families back in church!

Christina Ishii

Faith Family Children's Ministries Team