Saturday, October 31 5:30 pm—7:00 pm at Faith Family Christian Center

Our parking lot will be transformed into a fun place filled with decorated car trunks overflowing with goodies for children! need you

Watch the video to see how you can help! 

People see our church every day, but they don't know how much we care about them and how much Jesus loves them.



As we hand out treats from our cars, we will be welcoming the families of our church neighborhood, getting to know them, and reflecting the light of Jesus.

opportunityAt this time when most family activities are still shut down, we can open the church grounds for a fun and safe event.

Families will leave with a bagful of treats and happy memories, along with some gospel toys that the kids will enjoy even when the candy is gone. Each family will also receive a child friendly gospel tract explaining God's plan for their salvation, and we'll make sure they get an invitation to join us for our regular services.

Sure, it will take some extra effort this year to make this plan a successful event during COVID-19—but people will come to know Jesus if we serve our neighbors and represent Him well at our Trunk & Treat.

Be involved and be blessed!

how to

Bring Your Cars, Vans and Trucks!

We'd like to have 10—20 car trunks decorated and parked in the FFCC parking lot offering treats for kids. If you don't have a trunk, be creative! Open the sliding door of your van, use the saddle bags of your motorcycle, or the bed of a pickup truck. If you don't have a vehicle of your own, why not join up with someone else who does?

How to Decorate?

Almost anything can be used as a decorating idea—just use what you have, to point people to Jesus. See the back of this brochure for some extra ideas.

For this event please avoid traditional Halloween decorations such as witches, ghosts, skeletons, etc, which our guests may associate with darkness rather than light.

Decorations can be as elaborate as you have time for! You can even dress yourself up to match your theme! However, if you feel that you don't have time, money, creativity - just write out your favorite Bible verse or saying about God in LARGE LETTERS on piece of poster board or cardboard and come with a smile!

What About Lights?

Consider bringing battery operated lights to highlight your décor. There will be a few outlets available to power Christmas light sets, or other small lighted decorations as well (bring an outdoor extension cord).

Greeters and Other Help

We also need additional greeters to welcome families, answer questions, direct traffic, and ensure safe distance. Even if you don't have a car, please join us and share in the blessings!


How Much Candy Should We Buy?

We hope to serve at least 100 children! The church will provide your first bag of candy (about 75 pieces). Additional donated candy will be distributed as needed. Please no home-baked treats.

 Gospel Gifts

We want each child to go home with a gospel gift in addition to their sweet treats. We have already placed orders for toys, stickers, tattoos, bracelets and tracts that will shine the light of Jesus to our neighborhood families.

Time Commitment

Please be at the church parking lot and ready to serve by 5:00 pm on Oct 31. If your vehicle needs additional decoration setup, please arrive earlier.

COVID-19 Safety

  • Volunteers will wear masks and gloves.
  • Masks will be provided to all participants if needed.
  • Decorated vehicles will be spaced to provide safe distancing.
  • Families groups will move from car to car at directed intervals.
  • We will provide a FUN & SAFE experience!


It's a way to share your faith that isn't scary.

Halloween is all about getting scared—for real or make-believe—with ghosts, spiders, witches, and scary faces all around. But as scary as Halloween is, there is something even scarier for some people, and that is stepping through the doors of a church building. They would rather face a real ghost or zombie!

Amid the uncertainty and fear in our world right now, Light the Night Trunk & Treat is a way to open the doors of the church to families, bridge the fear, share the LIGHT and PEACE of GOD, and bring people to Jesus.

What's easier than handing out candy? People will step into our parking lot so their children can get candy ... and perhaps that will be their first step toward Jesus. Bringing people to Jesus is what this event is all about.

Jesus spoke to them, saying, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (John 8:12)

Sign up today!


Decorate your vehicle in a way that shines the Light of Jesus!

Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

  • God is Love - 1 John 4:8 (hearts)
  • God is the Rock / God Rocks - (painted rocks, music)
  • God is my Strength - Exodus 15:2 (muscle man, barbells)
  • Jesus is my Life-Saver / Jesus Saves - (life ring, life savers)
  • Jesus is the REAL thing - Matthew 16:16 (coca cola)
  • Jesus washes away our sins - (Mr. Clean, Tide, bubbles)
  • Jesus Holds Me Together - (duct tape)
  • Jesus is the Good News - Acts 5:42 (newspaper stand)
  • Depend on God - Psalm 62:7 ("DOG" - dogs, puppies)
  • Bass your life on Jesus - Matthew 7:24 (bass guitar, band)
  • Jesus is the Living Water - John 4:13 (fountain, water)
  • God's Word is Sweet - Psalm 119:103 (candy, honey bee)
  • Jesus is My Cup of Tea - (tea party, picnic)
  • Jesus is the Vine - John 15:5 (grape vines)
  • iTune in to Jesus - John 10:27 (music theme)
  • Follow Jesus - Matthew 4:19 (twitter bird)
  • God lifts us up on Eagle's Wings - Isaiah 40:31(eagle, birds)
  • God's love is out of this world - (rocket ship, stars)
  • Jesus is the Light of the World - John 8:12 (lighthouse)
  • Fully Rely on God (FROG)
  • Smile, God Loves You (bunch of yellow smiley balloons)

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