Jesus' Power Takes Action

 Dive into a Bible story where Jesus heals a man who couldn’t walk and discover that Jesus’ power takes action!

Plus great songs, crafts and more!

Zoom Meeting Sunday May 3 @ 11AM

Faith Kids, Families and Teachers - it's time to get connected!  Please join us for our very first ZOOM meeting!

This is a trial run, as we learn how it works for us.  Join our meeting to say "hi" and share what you have been doing lately.

The Sunday Lesson will be ( … Read More … )

More to Discover About God’s Plan

 Songs, videos, craft, worksheets and more!  Learn how there is always more to discover about God's plan! ( … Read More … )

This week we have video lessons, parent guides, and daily activities for three age groups, provided by OrangeKids. We think you are going to like it! Elementary students learn how Jesus changes EVERYTHING, and preschoolers find out what happened after Easter! ( … Read More … )

Jesus Power Means We Don't Have to Fear Death! 

  • Great sing-along songs! Jesus is Alive!, It's Me Oh Lord, My God is Powerful
  • Video Bible Lesson: Jesus' Power Means We Don't Have to Fear Death!
  • Resurrection Cookies and Resurrection Rolls: Recipes to Make Together
  • Resurrection Eggs - Discover the Meaning of Easter with this Special Egg Hunt
  • Coloring and Activity Pages you can print or color online ( … Read More … )

New Kids Lesson for Palm Sunday!

  • Great sing-along songs!
    Superhero, I Am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N, Praise Him
  • Video Bible Lesson: Jesus' Power is Unexpected!
  • Interactive Online Game from Kahoot! 
    What score will YOU get?
  • Coloring and Activity Pages you can print or color online
  • Palm Leaf Crafts for Younger AND Older Kids ( … Read More … )
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